miércoles, julio 02, 2008

(por aquí) TARDE PERO (para My dear G)

My Dear Ina,
Though I dont’t give birthday presents, still I may write a birthday letter. I came to your door to wish you many happy returns of the day, but the cat met me and took me for a mouse, and hunted me up and down till I could hardly stand. However somehow I got into the house, and there a mouse met me and took me for a cat, and pelted me with fireirons, crockery, and bottles.
Of course I ran into the street again, and a horse met me and took me for a cart, and dragged me all the way to the station, and the worst of all was when a cart met me and took me for a horse. I was harnessed to it, and had to draw it miles and miles, all the way to Merrow. So you see I couldn’t get to the room where you were.
However I was glad to hear you were hard at work learning the multiplication.table for a birthday trat.
I had just time to look into the kitchen and saw your birthday feast getting ready, a nice dish of crusts, bones, pills, cotton-bobbins, and rhubarb and magnesia. "Now", I thought, "she will be happy!" and with a smiling face I went on my way.
Your affte fiend
C. L. D.


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